The Organsiation

"To encourage & improve the Armed Forces & Emergency Services equine sport by being the most positive and successful organisation for riders passionate about representing their service."

Forces Equine is a not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting riders who are Ex, serving or dependent personnel of the Emergency services, Government services, or Ministry of Defence. Including the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, Police, Fire Service, 999 Emergency Services etc in Show Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Riding and Equestrian activities. 

We also encourage associate members who are members who have no direct link to any of the above services, who have never served or are directly related to someone who has served.

For a full list of area that Forces Equine includes, please click below. If you have any queries regarding Forces Equine, please contact

No matter your level, affiliation or service, Forces Equine, it’s members & sponsors will support and encourage you. There is no restriction on your involvement, the above fore mentioned, are entitled to join in with all that Forces Equine offer.

Originally Forces Equine was set up as a central portal for the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Forces, Police, Emergency Services horse riders and their families, to meet, communicate, share ideas and interact within their equine communities.

To date, Forces Equine has grown beyond belief and although we still support these communities, Forces Equine stands for a lot more.
Forces Equine is the number one organisation that listens, supports & integrates with any Equine Forces within HM Forces, Government Services or Public Services & their dependents, Forces Equine helps in any way that it can.

We are not endorsed by any of the above, nor do we represent them in an official capacity. We offer a non-obligation service & affiliation to an organisation with members that understand you, your life style and appreciate your abilities with the equine fields.
  • If you are looking for a Forces Contact within our community or the extended community i.e. Saddle Clubs etc, you must be a registered member to do so.
  • With events, courses at military saddle clubs and yards around the community, you’ll have your finger on the pulse and this site is controlled by you.
  • If you have anything that you would like to add that you feel would benefit the above Forces, then please “Let us know” by contacting us here.
  • If you would like to get involved with Forces Equine (are you eligible?), please join here and our equine community will welcome you on board.