Forces Equine launch the Foundation

inances can be one of the biggest reasons why we struggle to compete. Forces Equine recognise this and for this reason we have launched the Forces Equine Foundation.

The Foundation is open to all Forces Equine Grassroots & Elite Programme Members and starts from 29th September 2018.

How is it going to work?

Through Forces Equines growth, a percentage will be donated to help support this endeavour. As the pot grows so does the ability to support Forces Equine Grassroots & Elite Programme members who attend high profile Forces Equine recognised competitions through partial funding. 

How do you become eligible?

Those high pertaining riders who top each of their leagues (affiliated & unaffiliated) and score highly in their disciplines will become part of the Grassroots & Elite Programmes.

These riders who carry the Forces Equine banner at top events will be eligible to receive the Foundations support as chosen by the Foundation Committee.

For more information visit;

F.E.E.P Forces Equine Elite Programme

F.E.GR Forces Equine Grassroots Programme

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