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Horse of the week : Noah owned by the "family Field"

Noah, whom we've owned since June 2015 when Will was a tiny 12 year old. Last year they finished 3rd individually in the Junior 90 Eventers Challenge at BRC FOTH Championships at Aston le Walls, they also qualified for BRC 90 Horse Trials Championships at Swacliffe. At the end of June he had peritonitis, luckily he didn't need surgery and after a week at Langford Veterinary Hospital he was home. He bounced back and competed at Swacliffe and at the Schools Show Jumping Championships at Hickstead. In October a lump was found on his jaw, he had a tooth removed but sadly there was more to it, he had osteomyelitis in his jaw, he had a hole drilled in the bottom of his jaw and a large amount of infected bone marrow removed. He was back in work before Christmas and all seemed fine. In February half term he helped the school teams qualify for the Schools Show Jumping Championships at Royal Windsor and the NSEA Eventers Challenge Championships at Hickstead. He then seemed not right again. Blood tests all came back clear, as things weren't right I insisted on an X-ray, he was found to have 3 pockets of pus along the nerve in his jaw, further more invasive jaw surgery followed with a hole which I had to plug with a 4" square swab daily, it was horrendous and I wondered constantly whether we had done the right thing.

Last weekend at his second show back he qualified for the Eskadron Pony Winter Discovery Championships at the Blue Chip Winter Championships at Hartpury in April and I am so thrilled I just felt I had to nominate him, I'm sure there are many more worthy contenders but he is such a lovely pony and has smiled through it all. I attach a couple of photos pre operations as I have no action shots from last weekend.

Rider of the Week : Julia Hardy
Fantastic write up in British Dressage magazine on...
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