Mr David Mills with Belleisle Thistledown performing a patriotic Dressage To Music.

Mr David Mills , pictured here with his horse Rascal said "He was brilliant, he would do anything" 

David did 22 years service within the Household Cavalry which commenced back in 1971 as a junior soldier of 16

David left as the rank of Corporal of Horse and carried out all ceremonial including the marriage of Princess Anne & Captain Mark Phillips as well as Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer.

David has been a member of Forces Equine since 2017 and is such a great team player and creates such a positive buzz in the organisation.

David and his horse Nuala are always out and about competing in dressage both affiliated and unaffiliated events and always gives 100%.

With his fab groom and wife Donna by his side, they are a winning team and attend as many of Forces Equine events as he possibly can. Although David is retired, he gives 32 days a year as the stable manager for Haydock Park & Re Train Race Horse Judging Panel and trains and competes when he can at fantastic venue which is Aintree.

We are looking forward to seeing more of David and his team this year and especially looking forward to the Forces Equine Games Gala where four FE members will be performing a dressage to music at the event and will only be able to practice collectively as a team on the Friday as these members live in all four corners of the UK - we know they can do it! 

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