Forces Equine is looking for brand new talent -
do you have what it takes?

What is it all about?

A Forces Equine Brand Ambassador is a confident, independent thinker who loves horses, riding, Forces/Services equitation and advancing the equestrian sport. A Forces Equine Brand Ambassador appreciates the Forces Equine organisation and the brand which it represents. They are energetic, outgoing, and hardworking with a passion for and a strong commitment to the Forces/Services equestrian lifestyle.

Forces Equine believes in paying it forward in the community. A Forces Equine Brand Ambassador shares that philosophy and is active in supporting their local community at the yard, at events, and in their everyday life. A Forces Equine Brand Ambassador is a role model to riders of all ages and inspires other riders not just with their skill and athleticism, but also by sticking to their core values.

If you have a passion for the Forces/Services equestrian lifestyle, a commitment to advancing the Forces/Services equestrian sport, and a love of the Forces Equine organisation, then Forces Equine wants to hear from you.

All Brand Ambassadors will be put forward to fly the flag for any company that sponsors Forces Equine and it's members.

Who makes a great Forces Equine Ambassador?

  • A rider who is creative, great at taking photos, social media savvy, and good at engaging with people both on social media and in their daily life to spread the word about Forces Equine.
  • Shares our organisation at least once a week (photos, links, videos, etc.) on social media.
  • Shares information about our events at the yard, at school and college riding programs, and at horse shows and other events they attend.
  • iIentifies yards, services & departments, or other groups interested in joining Forces Equine.
  • Shares and posts Forces Equine marketing materials (such as news, events & information, etc.) in creative and dynamic ways.

We appreciate our Brand Ambassadors

Here’s how we show our appreciation:
  • You will receive a 50% off of your membership to Forces Equine.
  • You will be given a friends discount code to hand out for anyone to use that gives them 20% off their purchase of Forces Equine products and membership.
  • You will have the unique opportunity to build your professional and riding resumes with valuable marketing experience.
  • You will be connected with other influencers in the equestrian industry, thus expanding your own network and allowing you to meet other passionate Forces/Services equestrians.
  • You will be given a Forces Equine goodie bag to wear and use where ever you go.

How do you apply?

Click the button below to proceed with your application.

For questions about the application process or the brand ambassador program, send all questions to with “Brand Ambassador Program” in the subject line.
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You will be asked to email 3 photos of yourself. At least 1 of you should be a riding photo that showcases your talents