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Welcome to the Forces Equine Elite Programme

This programme is sponsored by Botanica International Ltd who were established in 2005 to cater for the growing awareness of natural products and to utilise the wonders of Nature’s Healing Energy. 

Botanica are advocates of Forces Equine and sponsor one of our Elite Riders, PC Charlotte Lee as well as our organisation.

This programme is open to all Forces Equine members, Senior & FEYRA and is by invite only. All members need to be competing in or above the following levels in all three disciplines;
  • Elementary or above in Dressage
  • 1.10m or above in Show Jumping
  • BE100 or above in Eventing
If you would like to be part of the programme which launches on 10th August 2018, using the form below, simply send us you résumé and a covering letter along with images & video of your desired discipline(s) that you wish to be considered for.

What does being a F.E.E.P Advocate involve?

Along with our Brand Ambassadors, you will be selected for all our prestigious events and team competitions. These competitions involve events such as;
  • Wales & West
  • The Royal Windsor Horse Show 
  • Rockingham
  • Bolesworth
  • Hickstead International & Team
  • Global Champions Tour in London
  • Team Jersey
  • Blenheim 
  • Arena UK Festival
  • Other UK wide competitions
The above are not all team events, but a select group of people who will attend events under the Forces Equine banner. Once selected you will have exclusive access to the programme where you will be able to obtain all the information that you require.
Before any team event, those on the programme will be invited to a team selection date within the UK. This will give you the chance to meet your team members and enjoy competing together.

These events will happen at large UK venues and the team manager will select those of you to go forward and represent FE for the upcoming competition. The venues will be in the South, The Midlands & The North.

Sponsorship will be available and all league winners will be presented with prizes from our sponsor at the league end date. Get those results in via the Forces Equine Members area each and every time that you compete at affiliated or unaffiliated events.
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Please upload your résumé and any supporting images for your application. Maximum of 5 uploads and 128MB per file - GOOD LUCK! You will be informed within 7 days of your application if you have been successful. Brand Ambassadors need not apply.
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