Major Forces Equine Events

(Date: 07.30.2017)Calendar: BRC Show JumpingFree event

This team jumping event is held at the Royal International Horse Show at Hickstead.

The teams are made up of three horses and riders; one Novice combination jumping 85cm, one Intermediate combination jumping 95cm and one Open combination jumping 1.05m. Each combination rides one round against the clock. The team with the fewest combined faults and fastest combined time wins.

All riders must be members of an affiliated Riding Club, and each team should include at least two Seniors.

(Date: 08.04.2017 - 08.06.2017)Calendar: BRC Hunter TrialsFree event

The National Horse Trials Championships is a competition for both senior and junior teams and individuals. The event consists of dressage, show jumping and cross-country phases.

There are seven classes for members to compete in:

  • Senior BRC80
  • Senior BRC90
  • Senior BRC100
  • Open BRC100+
  • Junior BRC80 
  • Junior BRC90
  • Junior BRC100

At the Championships the Senior BRC100, Junior BRC100 and the Senior and Junior BRC100+ take place over three days, with roads and tracks and steeplechase phases in addition to the cross-country on the second day. The Senior and Junior BRC100+ allows the juniors to compete against the seniors at the same height as the BRC100 but with slightly more challenging and technical obstacles and the show jumping will be 110cm and will take place on the third day. The Senior BRC90 and Junior BRC90 take place over two days, also with roads and tracks and steeplechase.  Competitors will show jump before they embark on the different phases. The Senior and Junior BRC80 are one day events with no roads and tracks or steeplechase.  Competitors ride their dressage, followed by the show jumping round and lastly they will tackle the cross-country.

Arena UK
Forces Equine Grass Roots Championships

08.05.2017 - 08.06.2017

This is

(Date: 08.05.2017 - 08.06.2017)Calendar: Dressage & Show JumpingFree event

This is our official Grass Roots Championships and is ran by the amazing team at Arena UK! Including Dressage & Show Jumping, it is a great couple of days and an event not to be missed!

Show Jumping

  • 0.70m
  • 0.80m
  • 0.90m
  • 1.00m


  • Intro C
  • Prelim TBC
  • Novice 34
  • Elementary 42

(Date: 08.31.2017)Calendar: DressageFree event

Various competitions UK wide for teams of 3-4 or individual, please see the event page for more information.

Runs from 1st December 2016 - 31st August 2017 at various venues, please visit our dedicated Team Quest page by clicking the link above.

(Date: 09.02.2017 - 09.03.2017)Calendar: BRC Show Jumping & DressageFree event

The Championships include a wide range of dressage classes for both team and individuals. Juniors may ride in junior dressage, junior teams of four, junior elementary and junior pairs dressage, while seniors can enter senior open, senior prelim, senior pairs, senior teams of four, and a medium dressage class for individual seniors. Open to seniors and juniors is the teams of six. All team members are automatically included in the appropriate individual classes.

(Date: 09.14.2017)Calendar: BRC Show JumpingFree event

The 90cm and 100cm Riding Club and Pony Club Team Eventer Challenges are kindly sponsored by Dodson & Horrell. 

These very popular events are grass-arena-based competitions, held in the Bladon and Hensington Arenas, over a testing course of Show Jumps and Cross Country fences with an optimum time for completion. 

The team with the lowest cumulative score are the winners, but there is also an award for the most stylish rider.

Sunshine Tour

09.14.2017 - 09.17.2017


(Date: 09.14.2017 - 09.17.2017)Calendar: Dressage & Show JumpingFree event

The Sunshine Tour is for all Grass Roots to compete after qualifying and shine!


  • Intro
  • Prelim
  • Novice
  • Elementary

Show Jumping

Sunshine Tour Show Jumping Championship classes range from 0.70m to 1.05m.  The show jumping cater for all levels of rider, ‘Small Tour’ for those jumping at the lower heights and ‘Grand Tour’ for the more experienced/ambitious combinations!

Eventer Challenge

Sunshine Tour Eventers Challenge Championship classes range from 70cm to 1m. Riders can qualify from arena eventing, eventers challenge or combined show jumping and cross country style competitions.

The 2016 Eventers Challenge Championships are being held in September at the All England Showground, Hickstead.

Arena UK
FE International Challenge Championsips


Information to follow

(Date: 09.24.2017)Calendar: Show JumpingFree event

Information to follow

Bury Farm Equestrian Village
Dressage to Music & Quadrille

09.29.2017 - 10.01.2017

Dressage to Music

(Date: 09.29.2017 - 10.01.2017)Calendar: BRC DressageFree event

Dressage to Music

The Dressage to Music Championship offers a range of classes for both senior and junior members allowing competitors to ride from Prelim up to our unique ‘Pick your own’ class, which caters for those wishing to compete at Medium and Advanced Medium level. The Dressage to Music Championships is a great opportunity to be creative and have fun in the dressage arena.


If you enjoy competing in dressage, why not try quadrille? The display is set to music with a team of four riders wearing themed costumes. The display should demonstrate horsemanship but doesn’t necessarily have to be based on dressage movements. The selection trial is held on 1 October at the British Riding Clubs Dressage to Music Championships. Four teams are selected to go through to the Championships.

(Date: 10.01.2017)Calendar: EventingFree event

Date TBC

The ARAHT is an official military event run under the auspices of the Royal Artillery Hunt and the Royal Artillery Equestrian Committee and by kind permission of the Col Dickie Winchester MFH (late Royal Artillery) Commandant Royal School of Artillery.

The event is open to both military and civilian competitors and in addition to running classes from novice to open and a pairs class it is also runs a team event welcoming teams from all services and civilians to put a team of four together with the highest three scores to count.

(Date: 10.14.2017 - 10.15.2017)Calendar: Dressage & Show JumpingFree event

This is the annual UK Emergency Services Championships and Forces Equine Winter Championships. This is a combined championships and will be ran in 2 sections;

  • Blue Lights UK Emergency Services
  • Forces Equine Members

**All Forces Equine Members that are connected to the UK Emergency Services will automatically be included in both sections of the show

(Date: 10.14.2017 - 10.15.2017)Calendar: DressageFree event
Run at introductory to elementary level this competition is for riders that are registered with Forces equine riding horses four years old or over and have not yet affiliated to British Dressage or are affiliated to British Dressage.

To qualify directly for the final, horse and rider combinations must achieve four scores of 60% or above, gained between 01 December 2016 and the 30 September 2017.

Scores can be gained in the following way;
  • 1 x 60% + in any of the Online Dressage Series
  • 2 - 3 60% + in any affiliated competition on a British Dressage Ticket *(Available from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
    or 1 x unaffiliated competition using a qualification card or by uploading your score sheet 
  • 3 x 60% + from My Quest

League & other competition qualifications;
  • The top three riders from each of the Forces Equine Dressage Leagues in the Senior section will automatically qualify
  • The top six riders from each of the Forces Equine Dressage Leagues in the FEYRA & Sefton section will automatically qualify
  • The top three riders from each level at ESUK will automatically qualify
  • The top two riders in the Badminton Prelim section will automatically qualify

(Date: 10.14.2017 - 10.15.2017)Calendar: DressageFree event
Run at introductory to elementary level this series is for riders that are registered with Forces equine riding horses four years old or over.

To qualify directly for the final, horse and rider combinations must achieve three scores of 60% or above, gained between 01 January and the 30 September of the current year.

All horses and riders must be eligible for Bronze or Silver at the level they wish to qualify in accordance with BD rules.

Scores can be gained in team Quest, My Quest or regular affiliated competitions.

To be eligible to qualify, riders need to be a member of Forces equine and be a paid BD member, including BYRDS/Quest club; however, to compete in the final all riders must be full BD members.

Horses must hold a minimum of an Associate Horse registration.

Horses and riders competing at novice level will need to be fully registered or compete on a class ticket to qualify.

Horses and riders must be eligible for the relevant section in accordance with team Quest/My Quest/ BD rules. 

Combinations may compete and qualify at different levels but can only compete in two levels/classes at the final.

BD P1 S10 – Associated Championships_Layout 1 26/09/2016 10:34 Page 3

Tto register, qualification please contact Karen Beaumont
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 
Karen Beaumont, British Dressage, Meriden Business Park, copse Drive, Meriden, West Midlands, cV5 9RG.

The final will be held in the autumn of each year, the winning combination at each level at the final will not be eligible for the same level
in future years and must compete at a higher level.

(Date: 10.31.2017)Calendar: EventingFree event

RUNS FROM 1st March 2017 - 31st October 2017

You will need a team of four riders and each rider can be anywhere in the country.

If you cannot get a team of four riders together, FEHQ will match you up with a team and get you going.

So, team of four riders will consist of either of the two combinations;

Combination 1;

  • 1 x Rider BE80
  • 1 x Rider BE90
  • 2 x Riders BE100

Combination 2;

  • 1 x Rider BE80
  • 1 x Rider BE90
  • 1 x Riders BE100
  • 1 x Rider BE Novice (1.10m)

Scores will be submitted individually and teams will have direct contact with their team members. Don't forget, you can enter any of the British Eventing Forces Equine league(s) and competitions on a day ticket, you do not have to be a member of British Eventing at this stage.

Arena UK
F.E.S.T. & Awards 2018

03.24.2018 - 03.25.2018

Information to follow soon

(Date: 03.24.2018 - 03.25.2018)Calendar: Show JumpingFree event

Information to follow soon

Arena UK
Armed Forces Day

06.09.2018 - 06.10.2018

(Date: 06.09.2018 - 06.10.2018)Calendar: Major FE EventsFree event

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