How We Work

Forces Equine is not a business, but we operate with a business model and with that in mind, ensuring our members are looked after, is what matters.
Many of our members ask why events are held so far away from where they are based, well this is due to where members are located, unless it is a venue like Hickstead, which I am afraid we just can't move.

We shall be adopting the BRC Area Model and below you can see the areas which we have members in and the percentage of members on the pie chart.

If you are in an area of 10% or more FE Members we will be setting up a central point for competitions and training.

The above are the main areas with the most footfall, below are the areas in order of the most amount of FE'ers.

If you would like to help make your area bigger, please help us expland by introducing new members. Incentive launching soon.

We will be publiching our main members areas against those BRC areas shortly.