AES Dessage League


Runs from : 1st September - 31st August every year
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Members are listed in order of points accured. 
MATTHEWS AmberStargazer29HMPPSEx-ServingFESR12134000000000
DOWNS GeorginaBrynsaeth Miss Dynamite21HMPPSServingFESR11100000000000
RICHARDSON StephaniePuzzle14HMPPSServingFESR680000000000
MCKILLOP-BURTON LunaRock View Remus8HMPPSDependantFEYRA440000000000
MCGEE KimCorporate Colours40UK Emergency ServicesServingFESR7131946000000
FLEMING TraceyHarley7Civil ServiceDependantFESR070000000000
TOOMBES EvieHappy Girl1Royal Air ForceDependantFEYRA010000000000
Smith Emma JaneLoxland Amazing Grace4PoliceServingFESR040000000000
TAMINE JasmineMcIntyre Admiral3HMPPSDependantFEYRA030000000000
SAINT FlissHolmelodge Elffie4RAFDependantFESR040000000000
TONGUE MaryRJT Diggerland17PoliceServingFESR1000304000000
TONGUE MaryTed5PoliceServingFESR500000000000
SMITHSON JasmineCranbornes Limelight9PoliceDependantFEYRA033300000000
HONESS Michelle Polar Fox58Royal Air ForceDependantFESR122215900000000
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