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NOVICE DRESSAGE - If there is a number next to a riders name, this means they have more than one horse i.e. (2)

STERROW Lisa Montreal Skyline Royal Air Force Dependent Senior 174
RANDELL Helen Ffion Dor Civil Service Serving Senior 94
RENWICK Debra (1) Jimmy Jazz Police Serving Senior 91
PROCTOR Beth (1) Nye Flyer Police Cadets Serving FEYRA 41
HASTINGS Jenna (1) Ballyneety Roller Police Serving Senior 25
WHEATLEY Lesley Furst Lazlo Police Serving Senior 24
THORPE Emma-Jo Trevliver Dashley Police Serving Senior 23
DU HEAUME Helen (1) King Bing Police Serving Senior 21
MILLS David Belleisle Thistledown British Army Ex-Serving Senior 19
VERRALL Anna Achak-Zan-Amour Police Serving Senior 18
DU HEAUME Helen (2) Alvescot Extraodinaire Police Serving Senior 15
HILLARY Deborah Daimiers Police Serving Senior 12
PROCTOR Beth (2) Fleurs Flight Police Cadets Serving FEYRA 11
LEES Annie Kopperberg Police Ex Serving Senior 8
DODSON Nicola San Salvador Police Serving Senior 6
WRATTEN Philippa (3) Regal du rouet Police Serving Senior 5
WILSON Joanne Leo Police Serving Senior 5
SPRINGETT Julie (1) Aulton Classic UK Emergency Services Serving Senior 4
HAWKINS Thomas Kalimba Royal Air Force Ex-Serving Senior 4
CONKEY Emma Wedxland Real Gold Police Serving Senior 4
VINE Caroline Diamond Buffet Royal Air Force Serving Senior 3
AHRENS Sarah (2) Stricking Stone British Army Serving Senior 3
BAGSHAW Charlotte Bunny Boy Civil Service Dependent Senior 2
LEES Emily Kilcoran Dancer Royal Air Force Ex-Serving Senior 1
BAXTER Katie Ballyneety Roller Police Dependent FEYRA 1
ALISON Katherine Ruby Tuesday Police Serving Senior 1
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