AES Show Jumping League


Runs from : 1st July - 30th June every year
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Members are listed in order of points accured. 
ROTHERFORTH DebiGilly18HMPPSServingFESR1530000000000
ROTHERFORTH SkyeLaughlum Wood1HMPPSDepenFEYRA100000000000
DOWNS GeorginaBrynsaeth Miss Dynamite47HMPPSServingFESR34025000150000
FLEMING TraceyHarley41Civil ServiceDepenFESR00152600000000
BAKER NieveMarley Blaney31PoliceDepenFESR00020011000000
MATTHEWS AmberStargazer2HMPPSEx-ServingFESR000200000000
SMITH Emma JaneLoxland Amazing Grace22PoliceServingFESR0002200000000
DAVIES KathrynFeed The Goat16PoliceServingFESR0001600000000
SAINT FlissCargagh Bay24Royal Air ForceDepenFESR0002400000000
HOLBOROW AliceToberpatrick Bailey13PoliceDepenFESR0000013000000
MCNAUGHTON SallyFierania306NHSServingFESR45625630301553150000
ALLEN ChloeAnton Artic Bow15Army Cadet ForceServingFEYRA0015000000000
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