AES Show Jumping League


Runs from : 1st July - 30th June every year
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Members are listed in order of points accured. 
WILLIAMS DaisyBermudez BDA11PoliceDependantFEYRA1100000000000
FARREN ChristieRakish at Midnight28British ArmyServingFESR8200000000000
BROWN TraceyLowmoor Another Hero8PoliceServingFESR800000000000
HASTINGS JennaHi N Dri4PoliceServingFESR400000000000
LEE CharlotteZarina8PoliceServingFESR800000000000
FARREN ChristieRosemount Hill9British ArmyServingFESR900000000000
MATTHEWS GraemeSweet Touch ll4British ArmyEx-ServingFESR400000000000
BARNETT LillyAsk Tom3PoliceDependantFEYRA300000000000
TOOMBES EvieHigh Offley Business Centre1RAFDependantFEYRA100000000000
NORTH FayeWexford Vl1PoliceServingFESR100000000000
TOOMBES CarolibneHappy Girl A1RAFDependantFESR100000000000
WYATT JessicaArkansas Going Places3Civil ServiceServingFESR300000000000
REYNOLDS CarysCelcius1PoliceDependantFESR100000000000
MATTHEWS JamesSweet Touch ll13British ArmyDependantFEYRA0130000000000
WRATTEN PhilippaIrene1PoliceServingFESR000000001
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