Argenti Show Jumping League


Runs from : 1st July - 30th June every year
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Members are listed in order of points accured. 
WRATTEN PhilippaGinelli Z422PoliceServingFESR393911945634527450000
LEE CharlotteZarina195PoliceServingFESR123720000000000
LEE CharlotteGraddus T24PoliceServingFESR2400000000000
WILLIAMS DaisyKing lll147PoliceDependantFEYRA87006000000000
WILLIAMS DaisyBermudez BDA123PoliceDependantFEYRA36008700000000
FIELD WilliamCoolattin Red Arrow81British Army CadetServingFEYRA8100000000000
FIELD WilliamKillack King57British Army CadetServingFEYRA5700000000000
WYATT JessicaArkansas Going Places147Civil ServiceServingFESR007824450000000
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