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Botanica ARGENTI League : 1.10m Show Jumping Section

Runs from 1st july - 30th June every year

League results consists of Affiliated & Unaffiiliated results
Competitors with a (Number) next to their name, indicates additional horses

FIELD William (6) Koningshoek Mistique British Army Cadet Force FEYRA 466
WILLIAMS Daisy (2) Bermudez BDA Police Dependant FEYRA 266
WILLIAMS Daisy (1) Kinglsey ll Police Dependant FEYRA 228
FIELD William (3) Noah lll British Army Cadet Service FEYRA 196
WRATTEN Philippa (2) Don D Police Serving Senior 168
FIELD William (4) Spirit II British Army Cadet Force FEYRA 118
FIELD Edward (5) Rainbow Rineen British Army Cadet Service FEYRA 104
WRATTEN Philippa (3) Regal Du Rouet Police Serving Senior 87
HARDY Julia (5) Mista Blue Police Dependant Senior 84
LEE Charlotte (3) Graddus T Police Serving Senior 66
HINTON Lisa (2) Holisco British Army Dependant Senior 38
RUCKLIDGE Molly Tullagh Rose British Army Cadet Serving FEYRA 30
FIELD William (8) Killack King British Army Cadet Service FEYRA 26
FIELD William (7) Coolattin Red Arrow British Army Cadet Service FEYRA 20
HARDY Julie (2) Jizebelle Van D Oude Bosh Police Dependant Senior 18
FARREN Christie (1) Rakish At Midnight British Army Serving Senior 18
WRATTEN Philippa (1) Genelli Z Police Serving Senior 16
TOOMBES Evie High Offley Busines Centre Royal Air Force Dependant FEYRA 15
DU HEAUME Helen (2) Alvescot Extrodinaire Police Serving Senior 14
BROWN Tracey (2) Hero Police Serving Senior 8
FARREN Christie (2) Rosemount Hill British Army Serving Senior 4
WHITE Hannah Freedom Warrior Royal Navy Dependant Senior 2

About this League

Points Table

1st Place  - 20 Points 
2nd Place  - 16 Points 
3rd Place  - 12 Points 
4th Place  - 8 Points 
5th Place  - 6 Points 
6th Place  - 4 Points 

Double Clear - 10 Points

Attend (not Placed) - 1 Point

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