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What are Forces Equine Teams?

At Forces Equine, we try to make everything inclusive for all our members UK wide.

We are starting a league for the areas below and this will carry over to F.E.G. (Forces Equine Games) where we will present the winning area.

These same areas will be our training areas also. All areas will have venues to train in and an FE PoC to collate this. To become an FE PoC, please take a look at the information below.

So how does this work?

You will fall into your postcode area and accumulate points throughout the year. The area with the most amount of points will be the overall Forces Equine Champion!

Please see the Forces Equine areas below and we wish you all the best of luck!

This league will run from April 2023 to Oct 2023 for the first year and then the 1st Novemeber to the 1st October every other year, with the winners being presented at F.E.G.

Areas & PoC's

Northern Scotland;
PoC: TBC - Apply
  • Highland and Moray
  • North East
  • Perthshire

Our vision is clear

"Through the Art of Equitation, we give back to those who devote their lives to our country"

Spending time away from work within something you love is great for mental health & wellbeing.

Forces Equine delivers opportunities to all who protect us on a daily basis and enjoy the art of equitation. No matter your level, we invite grassroots to elite riders, to get involved with our equestrian activities.
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