DATE : 1st December 2016 - 31st August 2017
VENUE : Various UK Wide
DISCIPLINE : Dressage Team of 4 
Event Manager : Jenna Hastings


A brief outline of this event is displayed on this page. Further information can be viewed by clicking "Further information for members" Link below. This will be updated on a regular basis.
Forces Equine is looking for riders at Intro, Prelim and Novice to take part in a fun and relaxed dressage competition – even if you’ve never competed before. Teams of three or four riders will ride as individuals across the three test levels (any combination) and the best three scores count towards an overall team total, highest percentage wins the day.

There are two age categories for teams;
  • Under 18 teams (18yo and under)
  • Open (riders of any age)

My Quest is an exciting initiative for riders competing at Intro - Novice level, a competition league for individuals to be run alongside Team Quest. Relaxed rules and dress, sections for Open and Under 18 riders and competing against riders of a similar ability. My Quest will follow the same regional structure as Team Quest, with regional leaderboards taking the top riders to regional and then a national final.

Riders will earn 'Quest points' according to the percentage they acheive to the same scale as other BD competitions. A rider's five best results and resulting Quest points will then feed into the regional leaderboard for each section (Open and Under 18s) at each level (Intro to Novice). 

Take a look at our Quest checklist to get you started!

Remember you can take part in both Team Quest and My Quest! You can even qualify at multiple levels for My Quest.

Qualifying Period
  • Team Quest Qualifying competitions to take place from 1 December 2016 to 31 August 2017
  • Eight Regional Finals to take place in September/October.
  • The National Final to take place in November.

Qualification for the National Final
  • The top three teams from each section (BYRDS & Open) from each of the eight regional
  • finals will qualify for the Team Quest National Final.
  • If a team is unable to attend the final the place will be allocated to the next team from
  • the same region.

Further details are available on page 72 - 77 of the British Dressage Handbook
  • Is it too late to register? When’s the deadline?
    • It’s never too late! As there’s no deadline, you can register right now and get involved.
  • How do I know when you’ve received our Team Registration form?
    • Once we’ve received and processed your Team Registration form, your team captain should receive a confirmation email from us. If there’s a problem with your form (e.g. your team name is already taken or there are missing details), we’ll give your captain a call.
  • What will be our team name?
    • Your team name will have a Forces Equine prefix followed by either your team or region i.e. Forces Equine Hertfordshire Police or Forces Equine East Midlands etc etc
  • Me and my friend share a horse, can we both ride for the same team?
    • Yep, no probs. A horse can compete a maximum of two tests per competition, which means you can both ride!
  • I’ve got two horses, can I compete them both for the same team?
    • No, unfortunately not. Only one horse per rider in a team – you can compete them on separate teams, though.
  • I want to register more than 9 riders to my Team Quest team, is this possible?
    • Only a maximum of 7 riders can be registered to a team. Got too many riders wanting to join in? Make another team!
  • How do I register for My Quest?
    • No need to do any kind of registration, as long as you and your horse are BD members, you just enter for the comp and compete!
  • I’m officially in the Eastern region but venues in the Central region are closer to me, can I be on the Central leader boards instead?
    • Yes for both TQ and MQ you can choose which region you compete in, but you must declare this to Jenna Hastings as soon as possible. We recommend you choose the region with the most convenient regional venue to you, just in case!!
  • Is there a limit for the number of TQ competitions we can enter?
    • Nope, you can enter as many or as few as you’d like. A word of warning, though, it can be addictive! 
  • Can we compete at more than one venue? What about venues in a different BD region to me?
    • Of course. You’re not limited to just one venue, with so many great TQ competitions in your area, you’re spoilt for choice! Yes you can compete in venues from a different region and your points will still count on your regional leader board but, if you qualify, you must attend the regional final venue of the region you are allocated too.
  • How many times can a horse compete in one day?
    • Twice.
  • Can we wear bandages during the test?
    • In short, no. Although we’re pretty relaxed on the rules for TQ, we’ve got to stick to the BD rules when tack and equipment is concerned. So feel free to wear your bandages when working in but make sure you remove them before your test .
  • Do I have to plait up?
    • If you want to plait up, plait up. If your horse likes to feel the wind in its mane, leave it loose. If you’re going for an 80s theme, use scrunchies. Whatever you fancy, go for it! It’s completely your choice.
  • How do we enter a competition?
    • Easy! Find the competition you’d like to go to here then click here to download the TQ entry form. Fill out the details, send it to the venue along with your cheque and then you’re good to go.
  • Do we send our entry forms to BD or the venue?
    • Always the venue, they’re the ones in charge of your competition. We just give them a helping hand.
  • Can I use my TQ test sheets for Regional/Area Festival qualification?
    • No, TQ is completely separate to BD competitions, which means that your TQ test sheets/scores can’t be used for anything other than the TQ championships.
  • There is only one venue running Quest competitions close to me, why aren’t there more?
    • We have invited all BD venues to put forward Quest competition dates but unfortunately it is not possible for every single one to run them. We are now actively recruiting new ‘Quest only’ BD venues for 2016 to fill in some of the gaps in the calendar. If you know of a venue you’d love to run Quest fixtures, make sure you let them know as it may encourage them to get involved or suggest they contact Jenna Hastings for more info.
Jenna Hastings can be contacted via email
  • In 2015, my horse and I got three scores over 70% at Prelim. Do I have to move up to Novice level in 2016 or do my scores start from scratch?
    • Scores from 2015 do count towards your eligibility for 2016, so yes in this situation the horse and rider combination would need to ride at Novice level in 70%+ scores from TQ regional finals or the TQ championships do not count towards triggering you to move up. You can check your scores from last year by viewing your online competition record by logging into the website and searching for your results.
  • How young can the riders be?
    • We have BYRDS riders that are as young as 5 years old! We don’t want to stop anyone from being involved; so if you can ride, you can take part in TQ.
  • Do all riders in one team have to compete at different levels?
    • Nope, this is completely up to you. If you have a team of all Intro riders, then compete at Intro; if your team is half Prelim and half Novice riders, then half of you ride at Prelim and the other half ride at Novice. There’s no pressure, we want you to compete at the level you’re most comfortable at.
  • Do the same riders have to compete at every competition?
    • The beauty of TQ is that you can chop and change your team. If one of your members can’t make a competition date, don’t worry, substitute them with another rider (just don’t forget to tell TQHQ, they like to be in the know). All that we ask is that we’re kept informed of any changes and, if you make it to the final at Bury Farm, your final members must have participated in previous TQ competitions for your team.
  • Can a group 3 rider compete?
    • Group 4 to 1 riders are not eligible for TQ.
  • Can two group 6 riders ride in the same team?
    • Yes as of 2016 this is allowed as long as all the riders on the team are eligible for the Bronze section of the level they are wishing to ride at.
  • My horse and I are both competing at Medium but also want to join in and compete in TQ. Will there ever be classes higher than Novice?
    • For 2016 we have introduced Elementary to both Team Quest and My Quest, though combinations must be eligible for the Elementary Bronze section. Quest competitions are aimed at grassroots riders just starting out at the lower levels of dressage, don’t despair if you’re not eligible there are also great opportunities for you guys to compete in a team too, such as the Inter Regional and Senior Home International competitions! Contact Jenna Hastings for more info.
  • My horse and I are in two TQ teams, can we compete in the same class at the same show for both teams?
    • If a combination competes for a second team they must ride at a different level and must specify this to the organiser when making the entry – this is to make sure they don’t get your two scores mixed up and to ensure you have enough time between your tests!

Jenna Hastings can be contacted via email
  • How do I register for My Quest?
    • No need to do any kind of registration, as long as you and your horse are BD members, you just enter for the comp and compete!
  • Can I compete in both My Quest (MQ) and TQ on the same day?
    • Yes that’s the idea! To make your trip to the venue even more worth it you can now do one test for the team and one test for yourself as an individual, giving you two finals to aim for.
  • Do I have to compete at the same level for both TQ and MQ?
    • It’s up to you, ensuring you are eligible for the levels, you could do a Prelim for Team Quest and have a go at a Novice test in the My Quest section.
  • In 2015, me and my horse got five 70%+ scores in Team Quest classes at Novice level but we are eligible for Novice Bronze. What level can I ride at My Quest?
    • Team Quest scores don’t affect My Quest eligibility. As the combination have achieved five 70%+ TQ scores at Novice they need to ride at Elementary in Team Quest competitions. However in My Quest they could ride in the Novice and/or Elementary sections, as she is eligible for Novice Bronze and the TQ 70%+ scores don’t affect My Quest eligibility.
  • I’ve got two 70%+ scores at Intro level with my horse at My Quest do I have to move up to Prelim?
    • No in My Quest you can stay at one level for the whole season so you can improve your scores and ranking on the leader board no matter how many 70%+ scores you achieve! However combinations that have achieved five scores of 70% or above in My Quest qualifying competitions at one level must move up to the next level the following year.
  • How do I enter a MQ competition?
    • Easy! Find the competition you’d like to go to here then click here to download the MQ entry form. Fill out the details, send it to the venue along with your payment and then you’re good to go.

Jenna Hastings can be contacted via email

Team Quest Pre Registration

Please complete this form for all Team Quest entries. You may enter a full team, part team or individual looking to join a team. If you don't have a team, we will do our very best to slot you into one in your area!
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