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UKSEO Championships

We have joined forces with the UKSEO for this great new championship series. All Forces Equine members will be ranked separatly under the FE banner but will also be ranked under the UKSEO - Double Bubble! Check out where you are now or learn more about the series.

What is Forces Equine all about?

Forces Equine is a not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to supporting the UK Armed Forces (Royal Navy, British Army & Royal Air Force), UK Emergency Services (Police, Fire Service, National Health Service & Prison Service etc) in riding & equitation. Whether you are regular serving, ex-serving, veteran, reservist, cadet or a dependant of, Forces Equine welcomes you.

We have opportunities in competitions, training and clinics at some of the UK’s most prestigious venues. These include, Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Arena Eventing, Polo and all British Riding Clubs events.

No matter your level, affiliation or service, Forces Equine, it’s members & sponsors will support and encourage you. There is no restriction on your involvement, the above fore mentioned, are entitled to join in with all that Forces Equine offer.

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Forces Equine HQ
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